Intensive Care Management

Assertive Community Treatment Team

Cascade’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team is for individuals with severe mental health disorders, who frequently need care in a psychiatric hospital or other crisis services. Individuals served by ACT often have challenges with traditional services, and may have a high risk or history of co-existing problems such as homelessness, substance abuse problems, or involvement with the judicial system. The ACT team delivers comprehensive and flexible treatment, support and rehabilitation services to individuals in the natural living settings rather than in hospital or clinic settings. This means interventions and skills teachings are carried out where support is needed at the locations where individuals live, work and socialize. The ACT team shares responsibility for the people they serve and use assertive engagement to proactively engage individuals in treatment.

The services provided are evidence-based, person-centered, and recovery-oriented being provided through a team approach. The ACT team strives to address each person’s strengths to provide the right care at the right time. The mission of the ACT team is to:

• Reduce the need for care within state hospitals;

• Increase satisfaction and quality of life;

• Decrease the use of community inpatient and crisis services;

• Increase levels of social contribution; and

• Reduce involvement with the criminal justice system.