Children's Program

Child and Adolescent Services Program (CAP) – The Child and Adolescent Services Program at Cascade offers mental health services to children and adolescents from age 3-20.  The staff utilize current psychotherapeutic approaches and are trained in the use of evidenced based practices in dealing with issues related to trauma, depression, anxiety and parent behavioral management techniques.  Our approach is typically from a family based systems model that utilizes parents and other caregivers within our treatment.

Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) – The Wraparound Intensive Services program, or WISe, it is a team approach to helping Medicaid-eligible children, youth, and their families with intensive mental health care. The team approach focuses on natural supports, collaboration, and Cultural relevance in home and community services. You and your family will set goals that meet your needs and develop an individualized care plan based on your strengths.

To ask for a screening, contact a WISe provider in our agency.
  • If you are a youth over the age of 13 can you ask for a WISe screen to find out if you are eligible. If you are under 13, you need permission from your parent or guardian.
  • If you are a parent, you can refer your child for a WISe screen at any time, but after age 13, a child must consent to services.

School Based Programs – The CAP team provides services within schools also, There are contracted staff within the Chehalis school district providing services to middle and elementary  school students.  Cascade also works in partnership with Pe Ell, Onalaska, Adna, White Pass and Centralia school districts to provide Medicaid funded mental health services to their students within their schools.  It should be noted that Pe Ell also contracts for mental health services for non-Medicaid students with Cascade for a blended financial stream approach.