Substance Use Disorder

The Substance Use Disorder Program (SUD) provides treatment for alcoholism and other drug addiction.  In the course of treatment, you will be treated for the physiological, psychological, and spiritual effects of the disease.  Our program requires abstinence from alcohol and all mood-altering drugs that are not prescribed by a doctor.  The treatment regime will include, but not be limited to:  MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment), Assessments, DUI and DOL Assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, education, family counseling, relapse prevention counseling, spiritual counseling, community-based support group attendance, Placement into Detox and Residential Treatment, discharge planning and aftercare. We also have Anger Management Services at this location. At Cascade Behavioral Healthcare we are especially sensitive to the individual needs of those entrusted to our care.  We believe in the treatment of the person and not the processing of people.