December 2022 Newsletter

Dec 1, 2022

Coat Drive

Hopefully you all had a safe & fun Halloween. The holiday season is upon us again. It’s a busy time of the year, and we want to help it be a good time for all. We are having our annual coat Give away on Nov 16th.We will host the event in Washington Park across the street from the Clubhouse, and there will be winter wear for those that need warm clothes for the winter. We will also be handing out Hamburgers and a drink to those who attend. As always Volunteers are welcome to come and help out!

Clubhouse Facelift…

There has been an inside makeover here at the clubhouse. We now have a beautiful a large screen T.V for educational and instructional purposes, and once our Saturday movie days resume, we will be able to use this resource for movies come down and see how we have rearranged our space.

We may be closed on Saturdays, please call  before coming in.

Saturdays…. We apologize for any inconvenience for being closed on Saturdays this month. We have been short staffed, but we do anticipate opening up on Saturdays this month. Check with our social media sites for updates and notification of resuming our “Saturday Matinee”. Our Facebook page is @CascadePhoenixClubhouse as well as our Instagram page. We hope to see you back on Saturdays!

Mouse in the House (A Poem)…

There’s a mouse running across the clubhouse
Rouse, Rouse
He Scurry, He’s in a hurry 
The lights are turned on, showing what’s going on
Why are they so shy
Mice, Denizen of the dark. Hark!
I shout, what am I talking about?
A mouse running loose
The mouse
Lives in the clubhouse
Were having chips with no dips 
Salt on my lips, it’s a head trip 
I hate mice, they have lice
The trap will suffice. Bye Bye Rodents 


Disclaimer: Clubhouse does not have mice